So I’m at Work

When Mr. ‘Wearing a tank top even though it’s night and it’s becoming rather cool outside, because I have arm muscles’ comes in.

So  I smile and say “Hello” to him because I work at the store and I’m supposed to

and he goes, “Heyyyyy” and winks at me

…….. No thanks…..

On the other hand there was a large group of very loud teenage girls that came in the store.

one would start talking and then all of the other girls would try to give their opinions of the previous statement louder than all of the other girls who were also trying to shout their opinions louder than the others….

How could anyone understand what anyone else was saying?

I Was Just Told That I am Prettier than John Lennon….


화장실 어디서?

I drink so much tea that it isn’t even funny

pretty sure that I have drank at least 18 Snapple tea bottles this week…

there is something about sports camp that makes you eat like there’s no tomorrow

I feel like Changmin….

oh, and I’m drinking tea at the moment

viewinglifethroughprisms just started following me ^ ^


Yes, you!

I shall now proceed to troll you like a buffalo

When all of a sudden a wild 4yr old arrives

So I was left at home quite a bit yesterday

(when I’m alone for long periods of time I go a little crazy…)

But instead of sitting around doing nothing I decide to learn the dance for Super Junior’s 너라고 (It’s You)

Like a boss.

then I’m all sweaty and tired so I go outside with a water bottle

and I realize that no one is watching me, so I can do whatever I want…

So I decide to try to shoot water out of my mouth like you see in SMTown live

….Lets just say that its a lot harder than it looks

I was soaked by the time I was done, but I did water the garden

Later I went to work and I was standing behind the counter when I hear this loud noise 

It turns out that this 4yr old had bolted through the store and flew headfirst into the door to the kitchen.

The kid was like

and I just watched like

then the dad had to go back there to restrain his extremely hyper child

Yeah, I roll like a buffalo

ADHD has something against my index finger

So Dad and I are sitting on one couch, my Grandparents are sitting on the other couch, and out of four people, NONE of us can think of anything to say

so I do the obvious thing to ease the awkwardness. I pick up the scissors :P


Which was all fine and dandy, until I had a spazz attack >  <

and consequently attacked my index finger with the scissors….

In my head I’m like

But I couldn’t scream or make a face or anything like that because my grandparents were right there, and that would probably make them think that I am much weirder than they already think I am.

So instead I sit there like a boss

and I get my band~aid and cry my eyes out later