I- I-I’m One Follower Away From Having 50 Followers

and that’s a lot for me 

so umm… Wow! Thank you!!

So thank you

"Yo wassup baby, yo man baby"

Yesung’s touching speech in English at the MAMA awards

What’s That Sound?

At first I thought it was thunder

Then I thought it was the clothes dryer

Then I thought it was someone pulling their garbage can REALLY far

and I have finally come to the conclusion that there is a giant metal robot stumbling away from my house

When my sister runs outside and yells


Late night group chatting on Skype with my mom and my brother who is in the army

죽을 만큼 보고싶어 또 보고 싶어….

언제나 사랑하고 기억하고 있을거야

Subtesting for 3rd Degree Black Belt