Can I get Some Sleep Please?

Last night I went to bed around 11:30,

which was awesome because I normally don’t get to sleep until its past midnight

Sort of fell asleep (you know when you are kind of sleeping, but you’re still half conscious, and you keep tossing and turning?), 

Got up at 4 (for bladder related reasons),

Took some medicine (in hopes that it would knock me out) and tried to go back to bed,

It didnt.

Stayed awake watching a drama until a little after my dad went to work,

Started nodding off,

And then I woke up at 9:30. Not really sure how to feel about that

and the rest of the day shall be like this

Oh and one tiny thing I thought I should maybe mention

My birthday is tomorrow

My birthday is tomorrow

My birthday is tomorrow

Two Kinds of Insanity

So after owning the workout “Insanity” for 6 months and not doing it

I decided to start today

Why today? 

Because I can.

Short story short, I feel like

NOT haha

and on another note….


and am I the only one who likes to pronounce “SMENT” as “Cement”???

I am?…. Oh….

Anyways. Off to work!!!

So I am trying to talk to my new Korean friend

His reply to my first message, “Oh your Korean is good!”

His reply to my second message, “Oh your Korean is cute”

google tr

His reply to my third message, “Are you using a translator? You should type in English, its easier”


This is what happens when I try to speak in Korean, it’s fine until I get past introducing myself and saying what I like….

When we start talking like normal people, everything goes downhill….

Earlier today my sister was eating out of a tray with apples and cheese

she was eating an apple and I grabbed a piece of cheese

she yelled, “APPUR” (apple) and I went “치즈 좋아” (chee ju cho ah [I like cheese[)

we are such dorks

and I have a new follower!!!

almightygain, Thanks!!!

ADHD Moodswings and Fangirling

My family went to eat at Seoul Garden

While we were eating something caught my attention (more like demanded it)

The radio station that was playing at the restaurant was playing DBSK’s Mirotic!

My sister and I look at each other like

and then we quietly sang and fangirled in our seats whilst dancing

and then Love in the Ice started playing

and I was like, “ITS MAHH SONNNG”

As a member of almost EVERY fan base out there, I would like to say that even though other bands are absolutely AMAZING, and TVXQ broke up, they were and they always will be, the Kings of Kpop.

Now that I have made a lovely emotional speech I know you are all like

so yeah…. umm… I shall awkwardly transition to the next section of my post.

we were in Target when I got distracted by a T-shirt with Chinese writing


Then mom was like, “Don’t keep getting distracted, we are on a mission. We need to get in and get ou-OH LOOK! HELLO KITTY!!!

Ok then…. so much for focusing…


So I’m talking with my oppa

Yeah, I have an oppa. Be jealous

and he said that he was working, so I asked him if he liked to work. He replied, “no, but have to work for to buy some delisious foods for you when you come to Korea”

So now I’m flailing around on my bed spazzing over how cute that was

And now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to reply…

Water, working, waking up, and weirding people out

So yesterday we went kayaking

its kind of nice, because if you row fast enough, no one talks to you the entire time.

we saw 74 turtles and one beaver/otter… I couldn’t tell which it was because in my excitement I was like

and it got scared and hid….

then we came home and I listened to kpop for 4 hours

then I went to work.


but on the bright side, the store looked spotless.

I had to wake up early after working the night shift…. lets just say it wasn’t pretty

During to breakfast with my aunt and uncle were admiring my sister’s jewelry when Grandma asked if they had seen my necklace (which looks like this except mine is a 9mm Luger that is attached to my necklace with a noose [therefore it is more epic])

they were a little weirded out

but hey.

While Grandma and Grandpa were visiting I would randomly start singing “Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh yeah, I’m feeling good! Oh yeah! yeh-yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

They thought that was a little odd

and I was just like

Oh! I almost forgot! I have 2 new followers!!! 

I believe that a small happy dance and a shout out is in order

Vic-is-hurt and kaypoplove, thanks for following!!!!