When it dawns on you that you accidentally accepted a date because

  1. you didn’t realize he asked you out and
  2. he is 30 and did not realize you’re only 17


Super Junior GIF Challenge

1. GIF 15 is what Leeteuk would think of you:

He thinks I never pay attention?? That’s about right anyway

2. GIF 4 is what Kyuhyun would think of you:

Kyuhyun would think that I’m hyperactive…

3. GIF 23 is what Siwon would think of you:


4. GIF 17 is what Eunhyuk would think of you:

I dont even know what to say…

5. GIF 32 is what Donghae would think of you:

HAHA perfect!!!

6. GIF 7 is what Heechul would think of you:

What does this even mean?

7. GIF 16 is what Yesung would think of you:

I find it hard to believe that I could scare Yesung… if anything, we would be partners in crime

8. GIF 2 is what Ryeowook would think of you:

Oh dear….

9. GIF 45 is what Sungmin would think of you:


10. GIF 13 is what Kibum would think of you:

Kibum would think I was high lol

11. GIF 27 is what Kangin would think of you:


12. GIF 39 is what Han Geng would think of you:

Yaaaayy ^^

13. GIF 41 is what Shindong would think of you:


14. GIF 59 is what Henry would think of you:

YES haha 

15. GIF 48 is what Zhou Mi would think of you:

I would apparently shock gentleman mimi
16. GIF 25 is how you would react if you saw your bias live:

yes… yes I would

17. GIF 3 is how you would react if you saw all 15 of them live:

I imagine my reaction to seeing all 15 of them would be more hernia inducing
18. GIF 12 is how they would react around you:

19. GIF 1 is how you would react around them:

20. GIF 50 is your reaction when you find out that Suju is coming to your city to hold a concert:

Farewell for a Week

Sitting in my kitchen at 2am summoning all of Taemin’s milk drinking powers

When I make a decision

I am not going to be on the internet this next week

and I know that you’re all in denial

but right now, for some reason, there are a lot of clingy


argumentative people

who have all decided that, together, they are not going to let me have a moments peace

and the internet means that they can reach me instantly

so I am leaving the internet for a week

but don’t worry, I will write all the interesting stuff down for you and put it on at the end of the week ^^

When all of a sudden a wild 4yr old arrives

So I was left at home quite a bit yesterday

(when I’m alone for long periods of time I go a little crazy…)

But instead of sitting around doing nothing I decide to learn the dance for Super Junior’s 너라고 (It’s You)

Like a boss.

then I’m all sweaty and tired so I go outside with a water bottle

and I realize that no one is watching me, so I can do whatever I want…

So I decide to try to shoot water out of my mouth like you see in SMTown live

….Lets just say that its a lot harder than it looks

I was soaked by the time I was done, but I did water the garden

Later I went to work and I was standing behind the counter when I hear this loud noise 

It turns out that this 4yr old had bolted through the store and flew headfirst into the door to the kitchen.

The kid was like

and I just watched like

then the dad had to go back there to restrain his extremely hyper child

Yeah, I roll like a buffalo