I Guess it’s Because I’m Awesome and I do What I Want.

Right now I am wearing a hat while I’m in the house, because I feel fabulous.

Earlier, I was walking around the house like so,

and while I was tutoring one very distracted child I had to refrain from saying “Get your math done. Get-get your math done” in a rather Tony and Smash way

Kpop and Mysteries of the Universe

Every once in a while, a friend comes along who you can unravel the mysteries of the universe with.

Every once in a while, a friend comes along who you can fangirl about KPOP with.

And every once in a while, you have a friend who does both

That’s How I Wound Up With a Dead Squirrel in My Yard…

I’m just sitting in the kitchen, by the window chatting with Oppa on Skype

when something catches my eye

its a hawk!

…and its eating a squirrel

then it lets the squirrel dangle from its mouth and hang perilously over the edge of the branch

I’m just like, “oh, its eatting a squirrel… I’m down with that”

then it starts smashing the squirrel against the branch

and then it just drops it like 30ft

so now the squirrel is just sitting dead in the middle of my back yard….

probably need to clean that up later…

Take 2

This is my 2nd attempt at putting this post online because tumblr lost it the first try

basically this will be a lot of randomness smushed into one post

First off, there’s nothing like listening to your male co-worker belt out Taylor Swift’s You Belong with Me

opera style

when customers are in the store

Second, I love waking up and having a message from both of my Oppas

and yes, I can call them Oppa because they are Korean and living in Korea

so one of my oppas

(who has the same name as B1A4’s leader XD)

was teaching me math…

I failed and he made me do 애교

he was like, “your math skill disappoint me”

then we got on the topic of height

I told him that I was 154cm (AKA 5ft)

and he laughed at me

my Korean penpal laughed at my height


what is this?!?!

I’m looking at my feed and I’m like, “Oh, Yesung. hmmm”




I would like to say that every fangirl would kill to have my mom

Normal fangirls: I’m going to marry him!!!

Normal fangirl moms: ummm… no.

My mom: You can get married, but just not to *insert K idol name*… he is too moody

You all wish you had a mom as awesome as mine 

and to end this post (because I’m a dork and its Thursday)

What a week…

A sum up of this last week in GIFs

7:00AM (or anytime before 7 that my body decides it is awake)

7:30 (Drink something caffeinated)

8:00 (leave the house like a boss)

8:30AM-1:30PM (Taekwondo time)


With a little bit of

1:30 (going home)

2:00 (Goodnight)

4:00 (Trying to wake up)

4:30 (Leaving the house and riding to camp)


And the rest of the time I spent like so

Every 4th Gif in your folder. NO CHEATING!! ready? Go!!

This is you:

haha accurate ^  ^ 

These are your best friends:

This is also true X)

This is your parents:

There are no words….

This is how strangers see you:

I wish lol

How other girls see you:

This is pretty much true

How guys see you:

and yes, I have had many people tell me that

How you are when you’re alone:


When someone asks you out:

I’m not so sure about this one….

When you’re at work/school:

Not paying attention? yeah that sounds about right…

You In the mornings:


You at night:

I feel that this one would have been more appropriate for the last one… 

You on Friday:

just as awkward as all the other days? sounds right.

You on the weekends:

Yeah… I don’t know what I do on weekends either

How you die:


People at your funeral:

I feel slightly offended….

Water, working, waking up, and weirding people out

So yesterday we went kayaking

its kind of nice, because if you row fast enough, no one talks to you the entire time.

we saw 74 turtles and one beaver/otter… I couldn’t tell which it was because in my excitement I was like

and it got scared and hid….

then we came home and I listened to kpop for 4 hours

then I went to work.


but on the bright side, the store looked spotless.

I had to wake up early after working the night shift…. lets just say it wasn’t pretty

During to breakfast with my aunt and uncle were admiring my sister’s jewelry when Grandma asked if they had seen my necklace (which looks like this except mine is a 9mm Luger that is attached to my necklace with a noose [therefore it is more epic])

they were a little weirded out

but hey.

While Grandma and Grandpa were visiting I would randomly start singing “Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh yeah, I’m feeling good! Oh yeah! yeh-yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

They thought that was a little odd

and I was just like

Oh! I almost forgot! I have 2 new followers!!! 

I believe that a small happy dance and a shout out is in order

Vic-is-hurt and kaypoplove, thanks for following!!!!