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but now I’m confused because I have one less follower than before…


Why do I do these things?


- use every 3rd gif

Your parent’s reaction to your birth:


 Ha ha ^ ^ excited much?

Your first day at home:



Your first memory:


 playing with toys?

Your first birthday:


 Blastin’ the stereo ^  ^

Learning to walk:


 very painful…

First day of school:


 Oh yeah, I’m feelin good!!

First friend:


 ….wow… I actually have no words for this one

Learning that there is no santa:


 (I never believed Santa was real anyway :P )

First day of middle school:


 freaking out all of the children? Yeap

First day of high school:


 yeah….. not so much

Reaction to scary freshman rumors:



How your best friends see you:


 I guess I am rather confusing

How you see your best friends:



How you see your enemies:


 spot on

How your enemies see you:


 I frighten them lol

Learning to drive:


 be afraid. be VERY afraid

Reaction to graduating:


 Like a boss.

Reaction to getting into the college you want:


Apparently I am not too enthusiastic about that

When you graduate from college:



When you get your dream job:


 Correct. I will be in Korea

What you do at that job:


 sounds like a nice job

Your reaction to getting proposed to:



Getting married:


 thats not good….

Reaction to having your first child:



Your first child:


 Sounds about right

When you retire from your job:


 I become a hermit

Reaction to your kids sending you to a nursing home:


 Ain’t gonna happen

How you die:


 I die of unenthusiastic-ness? 

How people react to your funeral:



Oppa Oppa

I have another oppa!!!

He was talking to me at 5AM Korea time

so I told him that he should go to bed

and he said, “call me ‘Oppa’ first, then I’ll go to bed”

so I wrote back “오빠, 잘자요!” (oppa, sleep well)

but he said, “No, in voice”

so I had a 30 second skype call with him just to say, “오빠, 잘자요!” 

cuteness overload

So I am trying to talk to my new Korean friend

His reply to my first message, “Oh your Korean is good!”

His reply to my second message, “Oh your Korean is cute”

google tr

His reply to my third message, “Are you using a translator? You should type in English, its easier”


This is what happens when I try to speak in Korean, it’s fine until I get past introducing myself and saying what I like….

When we start talking like normal people, everything goes downhill….

Earlier today my sister was eating out of a tray with apples and cheese

she was eating an apple and I grabbed a piece of cheese

she yelled, “APPUR” (apple) and I went “치즈 좋아” (chee ju cho ah [I like cheese[)

we are such dorks

and I have a new follower!!!

almightygain, Thanks!!!

Every 4th Gif in your folder. NO CHEATING!! ready? Go!!

This is you:

haha accurate ^  ^ 

These are your best friends:

This is also true X)

This is your parents:

There are no words….

This is how strangers see you:

I wish lol

How other girls see you:

This is pretty much true

How guys see you:

and yes, I have had many people tell me that

How you are when you’re alone:


When someone asks you out:

I’m not so sure about this one….

When you’re at work/school:

Not paying attention? yeah that sounds about right…

You In the mornings:


You at night:

I feel that this one would have been more appropriate for the last one… 

You on Friday:

just as awkward as all the other days? sounds right.

You on the weekends:

Yeah… I don’t know what I do on weekends either

How you die:


People at your funeral:

I feel slightly offended….

This is what happens when you don’t like board games

So I was playing a board game with my Grandma and sister

and I don’t really like board games….

But I played it anyway (insert not exactly enthusiastic response) 

Everything went fine until my sister got so competitive that it induced the mother of all spazz attacks, and she knocked the entire board game off of the table

Grandma was just sitting there like

and I’m just staring…

and then everything was really awkward….

that was my day…. Good night!